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    „An unhealthy diet is a sure path towards the intoxication of the colon and thus of the entire body. ColonHelp is the efficient help you need! After a 3 months diet with ColonHelp you will see for yourself how good it feels to be free of bloating, constipation, headaches, chronic fatigue and lack of energy. This product also helps loose weight in a natural and healthy way! You wish to have a more healthy looking hair and cleaner face skin? ColonHelp provides you with such benefits as well.“
    Simona Balanescu, health TV shows producer

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Why do you need detoxification?

"The need to detoxify and cleanse the body has never been greater than right now. People are more toxic-ridden today than ever in known history."
(Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Jensen's Guide to better bowel care)

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Colon detox – the first step to a healthy life!

Did you know that you can see an up to 80% improvement of your health and general well being doing a detox diet? It is not at all an exaggeration! Imagine that a detox diet improves the activity of the entire body by helping it to discharge the toxins.

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ColonHelp helped me lose 15 kgs in 3 months

The first results appeared after the first month of treatment by losing almost 5 kgs. I must admit I never expected such quick results! After that I was happy to see that I kept losing weight and I decided that ColonHelp was a very reliable help. I also started to feel lighter, constipation and bloating disappeared, my hair regained its brightness and the skin its softness. (Simona Cozma, 33 years, Bacau) Read more »

I feel healthier each time I take ColonHelp

Before ColonHelp I often felt the need to eat sweets and my body was asking for carbohydrates. But ever since starting to use ColonHelp I no longer crave sweets. Moreover, I eat half the food quantity I ate before. When I'm running I no longer feel discomfort in the liver area and I am also happy I got rid of the bitter taste in my mouth. (Marius Eugen Chira, 28 years, sportsman.) Read more »

ColonHelp motivates me to choose a healthier lifestyle!

I am already on the second detoxification diet with ColonHelp. The first time I used this product was in the summer of 2010, after I had seen a TV commercial about it.
The reasons which determined me to start this detox diet: (1) it does not have side effects if correctly administered and (2) it provides many health benefits, of which I was especially interested in the cleaning of facial skin, the management of chronic diseases, bowel movement regulation and also loss of additional weight. (Adriana Opris, 27 years) Read more »

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ColonHelp, more than fibres


ColonHelp is a dietary supplement containing fibres and detoxifying herbs, rich in omega 3, which is used to regulate intestinal transit and remove toxins from the body. ColonHelp is especially designed to help discharge the the stagnant putrefactive matter, restore the colon flora's healthy bacteria environment and thus enhance the proper functioning of the immune system.

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How does ColonHelp work?


ColonHelp reduces or alleviates most digestive tract problems, such as: bloating, gastritis, incomplete digestion, gastric reflow, flatulence, cramps, parasitosis, dysbiosis, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal colitis and haemorrhoids. Due to its fibres, ColonHelp reduces the hunger sensation and is thus a precious help in any weight loss diet.

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ColonHelp as a social phenomenon!


ColonHelp became the expression of a social phenomenon ever since it was first marketed in 2009. The good results obtained by consumers in a short period of time transformed ColonHelp into a product desired and purchased by entire families, friends and colleagues, both young and old.

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Omega 3 for your heart!


1.600mg is the omega 3 quantity provided daily by a ColonHelp serving, which is 3 – 4 times more than common dietary supplements containing omega 3. Just imagine – 1.600mg of omega 3 each day, during one whole month! If you were to take some common dietary supplements, you would have take 3 – 4 pills each day, not to mention the extra costs!

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